The right textile fibre for every need.

Made of synthetic or natural fibres – always 100% biodegradable.

Organically grown natural fibres are only available in limited quantities. We turn to our laboratory for large quantities of textiles. There, we produce synthetic fibres based on petrochemicals or new polymers. In any amount and always biodegradable! But we also go one step further, and add natural fibres to the synthetic fibres from the laboratory. The look and feel of these fibre combinations is surprising. And we’re already working on the next product lines!

Clean – across the entire value chain.

We consistently review the entire value chain: through external audits and certifications as well as applying our own criteria. One of the many requirements is the concept of material health, an environmentally friendly, completely recyclable raw material from which our products are made. Renewable energy and carbon management, water and social fairness are also assessed. On the other hand, strict conditions are imposed on the further processing of the material.