Our goal is to secure the future of the textile industry and of our planet.

As a textile manufacturer, we no longer want to contribute to the increasing use of polyester or to the introduction of additives in natural fibres, which enter the water cycle during production, washing and disposal and remain there for hundreds of years. Developing non-toxic textiles is essential if we want to achieve a sustainable positive effect for humanity and the environment.

Pollutant-free textiles in harmony with nature.

All microfibres washed out from our textiles are absolutely harmless for the biological cycle. After use, our products leave no waste residue, but are taken back, fed into an industrial composter and converted into nutrients for future generations.

 «Our brand represents a new age of textile production.
If you don’t put any pollutants in, they’ll never get out!»

Manuel Schweizer, CEO

The cycle economy.

Preserving the unique cycle of life.

Soil erosion is taking on dramatic proportions worldwide. The introduction of toxic chemicals is also detrimental to the quality of our water.

Products that are certified for the biological cycle create a specific added value. Firstly, the product and process chemicals are optimised to be safe for biological cycles, and secondly, closing the cycles creates a humus which can in turn provide a basis of life for future generations.

 «If we act according to the principle of the biological cycle, we will preserve the basis of life for future generations.»

Manuel Schweizer, CEO


Our environment and partners deserve respect.

In addition to the recyclability of our products, it is important to us that safe and fair working conditions prevail in all our production sites. Furthermore, we aim to use 100% renewable energy in production.

That’s why we rely on audits by additional experts in the areas of social affairs and natural fibre cultivation – for example, Global Organic Textile Standard or FairWear.

 «We produce according to holistic rules of corporate social responsibility, and treat all stakeholders involved in the process
fairly and respectfully.»

Manuel Schweizer, CEO

Transparent and strictly certified.

We want OceanSafe™ to become the quality benchmark for the sustainable textile industry. At minimum, our brand fulfils the requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold certificate – and even those of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Platinum certificate for material health factors – as well as, in some areas, the strict parameters of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The cotton-product sewing studios in Turkey are also audited by FairWear.

Together for a better world.

We are a member of the following organization:


Innovation and enthusiasm – that’s what we stand for.

The OceanSafe start-up was founded by the established home-textiles specialist Manuel Schweizer. He has been developing textiles for the interiors sector for decades. Six years ago, he began to focus on textiles that are part of the biological cycle.

He has been critical of manufacturing processes and substances, especially in these times of rapid globalisation. He played his part in the normal ecological lunacy of Western Europe by following the classic pattern of putative improvement, adherence to limits, consideration of regional producers, etc.

The values of Cradle to Cradle®

When he reached the age of 48, it was time to rethink everything. A course of study led to the values of the Cradle to Cradle® principle. The premise “if you don’t put toxic substances in, they’ll never get out” became the driving force. The realisation that the vast majority of consumers will never accept disadvantages in terms of quality, price or carelessness had to be taken into account.

You have to have a nose for it.

Manuel Schweizer laid the foundations for the launch of the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold curtain collection at his then employer through his Master’s dissertation, “Recyclable Textiles”. His findings from this launch, his desire for innovation and the economic outlook prompted Manuel Schweizer to take over a medium-sized textile company in Germany that had a good network.

Enormous potential for the whole textile industry.

OceanSafe is unique with regard to the depth and breadth of the assortment – with four world-firsts. Today, our products are mainly in-home textiles. But in the future, every textile product will be able to carry an OceanSafe seal! That’s an enormous potential that motivates our team anew every day!